The boost I needed

Feeling a little unsure about applying for the job at Seattle Shakes. I know I can production manage and that I can stage manage, but can I do it on that scale at the same time? For some perspective, I turned to my good friend and often-times boss, Heather Mayhew, a local PSM herself in the burlesque and beyond community. Seriously, Heather is on the most able and adept theatre artists I’ve met and any time I work with her I learn oodles of new information. She was the first person I thought of for this job, so how would she feel about me trying to do it?

As it turns out, favorably with a hint of realism. She said that she thinks I should apply, but be aware of the fact that I’m still less than a year out of my internship and therefore at a disadvantage in the experience department. I figure, I have work all this year with ACT so I don’t need the job, but it will be a nice exercise in prepping a cover letter and resume.
We open Arcadia tonight and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I love the cast and all that they do. What a talented group of artists. More than that, I’m excited for the Opening Night Party afterwards. We have earned a few cocktails in our efforts to dive head first into Stoppard. Corey has been a blessing since just being with him as enriched my outlook on theatre already. I hope I get to stage manage with him again since he’s one of the best directors to work for out there.
Feelin’ good.
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