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I just sent my cover letter and resume off to Miller at Seattle Shakes for the PM position. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not wholly qualified for this job. I mean, I know if I got it, I would learn a lot very quickly and do fabulously, but if I had to start tomorrow and do it without training…yeah, I’d be screwed.

We finished our Arcadia performances for the weekend. My cast was pretty tired and a little disheartened and the unresponsiveness of our audience on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t help the super bowl was on. As Jager, who plays Thomasina said “Who’s bright idea was it to schedule a show and a talk back on Super Bowl Sunday?” She was right as only a pity couple stuck around to talk to the cast. I say pity because they didn’t want the cast to feel back about rushing out of costume to come talk to an empty theatre. Oh, friends, don’t you know casts always want to book it at the end of Sunday performances? They would’ve preferred no one so they could leave earlier instead of making small talk for 10 minutes. The cast and I even had a bet going on how many people would be left in the audience. I guessed 7. Strangely, no one guessed 2, so no one won.
Got to have post-show cocktails with Corey at his apt with Tom. We chatted about the show and the ridiculousness that is Dutch, the President of the Board. As I said on my fb page: “Anyone who makes a stage manager cry should be forced to recite Mamet for a month.” I got many responses on that in support except for the one lone dissenter who didn’t argue that people who make SMs cry should be punished, but rather that Mamet isn’t is a punishment. I beg to differ, my friend.
Which reminds me, I’m going to see Glengarry Glen Ross at the Rep tomorrow night. Should be interesting as the only perspective I have on this show so far is Andy’s hatred for Wilson and the way he techs a show. Oh, Diva Directors. Crawl back into the primordial ooze you came from and remember where you came from. Seriously, suddenly you get paid $19,000 for 6 weeks of work and that gives you license to treat people like crap? No thank you. Wilson, you big, tall, stupid head (I called him that once), someday you won’t be a jerk.
Anyway, today I get to have a date at home with Andy tonight. Chicken teriyaki sliders and sweet potato fries are on the menu. Yum yum.
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