Popcorn can make you friends

I brought a bag of popcorn to the show tonight and managed to get half my cast to take a handful. I love the camaraderie with this group. Always cheerful, supportive and willing to work. They deserve good parties and better audiences.

We’re recovering from our lack of audience on Wednesday by having a loud, boisterous audience from Boeing tonight. They have been properly liquored up so it should prove to be fun. I believe that all theatre should be accompanied by alcohol. Shakespeare had beer and Driftwood should have tequila fountains for their patrons. Or at least bourbon or Bailey’s for their Caffe Ladro.
Miguel and I had a morning together and helped prep him for his blossoming career as a successful fringe actor in Seattle by gluing resumes to the back of his headshots. Nothing more fun than glue and Will & Grace. Good lord that show is so unlike my relationship with Mike it’s ridiculous. Funny how many people compare them to us, but save for the good hair and living together for a few years we are surprisingly unsimilar. I would like a drug-supplying, wealthy older woman to hang with. Hm, the only people who come to mind who could even possibly be that are poor men. We will have to go to Medina and work on this. And Jack…well, we are all a little Jack aren’t we? Yes, we are. And if you think you aren’t you’re lying to yourself.
I wonder what would happen if we were allowed to drink during our almost 3 hour long show? We’d all be sleeping by the end. Much like most of our audiences!
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