The trouble with clothing is

I hate getting dressed. Not only do I have a preference for nudity that is not seasonally appropriate, but I find that what I would prefer to wear at any given moment is completely at odds with the attire that is acceptable for the activity I am dressing for.

For instance, today I came home from a Nia class, showered and stood looking into my closet blankly. I wanted to put on the short sundress with a pair of teal green cork wedges, but even in balmy 55 degree weather, I would’ve been a little chilled. I settled on a nightshirt and underwear until I actually had to get dressed for work.
Ah, 4:30 rolls around and I need to actually wear something that covers my ass. I look at the black cocktail dress. I seem to be gravitating towards dresses. Maybe my femininity is feeling threatened? I have a lovely young actress in my show who wears knee high boots, tights, and a dress almost everyday as her uniform. But heels are wildly impractical as I stand for most of my show. After 20 minutes in a stagnant position and 4 inch heels, your feet can start to curse you and plan the rebellion.
I settle on my version of a dress, tights, and boots and go with jeans, a flowy top, black blazer and those slip on sneakers I will wear until they literally fall off my feet. And I add a long necklace for that hint of femininity I need.
Sometimes I wish I had a job where I had to wear a black suit everyday. Like the consultant on Say Yes to the Dress or those chicks who work at the Aveda salon. But I feel even they have the same problem I do and say “I wish I could wear jeans and T-shirt to work everyday.”
I will settle this feeling by dressing up extra special tomorrow for Speech and Debate. Is a floor length lavender gown too much for a Sunday night show? Should be fine, but it’s the German bar afterwards where I might get funny looks. Must ponder on this a bit.
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