What is The Constant Practice?

This morning at the top of our Nia class, Mollia took some time to set our focus for the day. We’d be working with the second principle of Nia which is about your body’s natural movement. Mollia then did something very brave and told the class that when she started her Nia practice she had NO IDEA what this meant. How common is that among us? We talk about something, practice it, integrate it into huge parts of our life an have no earthly idea what it is or how it helps us. Thus we need a thorough explanation.

So here’s my thorough explanation for The Constant Practice. I realize this should’ve happened a while ago, but that’s how it goes, right? Sometimes you just start for whatever reason moves you and then later you figure it out.

The Constant Practice refers to how we as human beings need to approach this idea of “happiness”. We can all think of people who are “happy” and “unhappy”, but at some points in their lives, couldn’t the titles we’ve imposed been reversed? Think of your own life and how we can say whether we are or are not happy. It is very easy for some and very hard for others because we are all in different parts of the cycle of happiness. That’s right, I propose that happiness is not simply a state of is or isn’t, but rather a cycle one progresses through. Some cycles take more time than others, but ultimately you will be some variation of happy and will reach either end of the continuum.

This is a guide to those who want to observe and learn about the cyclical nature of happiness. I will share my experiences with you and hope you will share yours with me. We are all in different parts of the cycle and by experiencing that, interacting with others who are in a different place than you, you learn and grow and change an appreciate where you are and how you got to that point.

Send me your own personal experiences with happiness and we will learn and grow together.


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