Post-Vacation To Do List

The boyfriend and I got home from a blissful ski vacation mere hours ago and already I’m feeling overwhelmed and like I never went on the trip. The purpose of our short jaunt to Crystal Mountain was to celebrate our impending 1 year anniversary, which officially happens on Monday, March 1 and to briefly leave some responsibility behind. We had a lovely four days of skiing, hot chocolate drinking, meeting up with friends, and watching a lot of Olympics. We came back to Seattle and had to quickly drop luggage and move out because the boyfriend was working this evening. I had planned on spending the afternoon casually unpacking, reading, and starting the last week I have off before I go to my next gig at 5th Avenue. But for those who know me and are planners like me, you know what happened next.

The Post-Vacation To Do List started forming.

How could I just sit and read? The clothes had to get unpacked, laundry has to get done, groceries needed to be restocked, all the winter gear has to be put in a slightly more accessible place than before we left…

And Boyfriend asked me to go to Ikea tomorrow. But why should I go tomorrow when I can go today when it’s much less crowded? Also, I want to get his car washed after the trek up and down the mountain. Maybe I could make plans with the Best Friend who I haven’t seen in a week? I have to go make that deposit at the bank and now I should start looking at my taxes, but the cat needs to be played with and that random shelf unit in the middle of the living room is impeding the yoga I want to do right now, but not before I come up with a plan to make those banana chocolate chip scones I told Boyfriend I was going to bake for him with all the bananas that are sitting in the freezer. Did I mention I bought more bananas at the grocery store today?

Sure makes me sound crazy, right?

I also have an urge to eat all the things in my fridge that I swear will go bad in the next hour or two because we left them to sit for 4 days unattended.

Did I mention I still have a week before I actually have to get back to work?

Why do we let our buzz get killed so quickly? I was on cloud 9 this morning, glowing from the four days of utter bliss akin to the honeymoon and now I have tension in my jaw that could crack walnuts. Does this happen because we want a return to normalcy so quickly? Do we create problems where there aren’t any because we are so used to dealing with problems?

I know I like to be busy and I think for me I just went a little overboard on filling the void that was supposed to be the come-down from my time enjoying the constantly falling snow and lack of plan. I know just acknowledging my To Do List has suddenly made it all seem a lot more manageable.

Seems to be a key point in there. If we acknowledge that things are getting out of control, we can gain some perspective and rein them in.

Aaaah, the bliss is returning already.

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