Cyclical Priorities

Oh boy has it been a while. I guess the main point of The Constant Practice is that life is cyclical and I was in a massive cycle of life that didn’t include keeping up a blog. We’ll see what happens this time around, but I think there’s nothing sadder than a blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year. Sad sad sad.

Updates: studying to get my certification to be a FINANCIAL PLANNER!!! My love of budgeting may earn me a paycheck.
Started a business of planning. Seriously, I have a few people who actually pay me to tell them what to do. Oh geez I love telling people what to do.
Training for a triathlon. Wow. I can’t believe I’m doing that. In-tents. I run 2 days a week, bike once a week, swim once a week and do a “brick” once a week, which is a combo of biking and then running. Rough like a dog’s hello.
Recovering from a brief foray into the event planning industry. Recovering is honestly the best way to describe it.
Back into stage management. Happy for the opportunity to come back.

I just have to say briefly that I love the self-indulgent nature of a blog. Writing in hopes that someone is reading, but I hope that someone gains some knowledge in my random writings. I know my past entries were helping a few. Sorry to those I threw off the bandwagon by stopping abruptly. Life changes and I’m sure everyone knows that.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading a lot of really good blogs lately that I want to contribute, too.

So the main thing that got me thinking about the blog again is the recent struggle I’ve had with priorities.

We are all faced with 45 million choices everyday about what to put first and give our fullest attention. And of course, whatever we choose we think that means we are inherently neglecting something else that needs more attention or we should prioritize higher. How do you figure out what needs to be put first, second, third? How do you deal with it when what you have to choose doesn’t match up with what you want to choose?

I often find that my job as a stage manager has to come first by virtue of the fact that it pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head (my lovely, lovely roof with my beautiful new studio in the second bedroom, pics to come later).

And then what? My health? My relationship with my partner? My relationship with my friend? My business? My schooling? My other interests like being well read, fashionable? My clean house that is perpetually dirty because this is usually a low priority?

How do you balance it all? In a word (or two): You Don’t.

Seriously, you don’t and then you deal with the fact that sometimes you’ll feel guilty about it and sometimes you won’t. Yesterday, the boyfriend and I had planned to go swimming (another recent development, I got the boyfriend to start exercising!!!!) and we forewent the swimming in favor of a lazy morning with pancakes.

I do not feel guilty for that. It was well deserved, we were both tired and slightly burnt out and needed a lazy morning with pancakes and laze. And we got it.

But I neglected my requisite hour of studying in favor of go-kart racing, Harry Potter 7 and a beautiful Italian dinner. I feel guilty today since I’m now behind on my schoolwork (which is not new), but the guilt quickly left since my relationship, which had been pushed aside for other priorities, is now rekindled. As my therapist says, our love bank recently got a nice large deposit. So now we can neglect it for a bit until we get another epic day long date.

This will be a constant topic here on The Constant Practice since now I feel like I’m juggling a lot. Imagine if I had kids, too. I would probably be dead.

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