Binger’s Remorse

I know I’m not the only one of my friends who struggles with food. And I also know I’m not the only one who struggles with money.

Did you know the two are linked?

Seriously. I thought this was pretty rockin’. Geneen Roth, who has written several bestselling books about food and weight control was on one of my favorite radio programs, Marketplace Money a few weeks ago. If you haven’t heard about how money and food are linked, you really should listen to her interview here.

As I listened to her talk about this, I initially thought it was a little far fetched. I don’t respect food nearly as much as I respect money, which is why I had been at an unhealthy weight for most of my life. I started to think about how I closely monitor every dollar I spent opposed to how I would throw anything into my mouth. Then I started to think a little more. About how I got to a point where I was closely examining every thing that went into my mouth. And how I had such mixed feelings about food and money. I needed both. I wanted both. I had a hard time controlling my spending in both areas. Bingeing on cake as easily as I would binge on new shoes. Or even worse, I would do both at the same time. I would spend a ton of money eating out and then make unwise choices while I was doing that. I watched my checking account decrease and my weight increase. This was especially true in college when eating out what such a comfort while life back with the parents was awful and I had the worst kind of homesickness.

So the 2x rule I talked about yesterday is all about thinking before you act. How will this affect me if I actually purchased this? Is this an emotional purchase or a necessary purchase or a purchase to give comfort?

Now I apply something similar to my food. How will I feel if I were to eat this? What makes me feel best when I eat it? A bowl of cookies is always nice (the remains of one are sitting next to me), but a bowl of grapes makes me feel even better. Now having eaten the bowl of cookies, I’m sleepy and full and feel a little queasy. I sort of feel the same way after I make a large purchase that was purely emotionally driven.

It’s called buyer’s remorse and I believe that it can also apply to our food choices only I think we’d call it binger’s remorse. Except with binger’s remorse we can’t take it back to the store and get our money back. Here it’s a little trickier and more taxing to reverse the damage.

Can’t wait for my run this afternoon to undo the cookies. Got a date with a friend tonight so I can eat good healthy Greek food! Yum!

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2 Responses to Binger’s Remorse

  1. Daiva says:

    Being both a buyer and a binger myself, with lots of experience in the remorse department, this post is so helpful. Given a precarious financial condition and the need to make a good impression while looking for employment – the "how will I feel after" question was foremost in my mind today when ordering lunch and then shopping afterwards. (I need to save money until I get a job, I need to be my healthiest and best looking to get that job.) So the notion of food and finances being linked hits the spot and is right on the money!

  2. Julie Poole says:

    Wow, I kept catching myself nodding as I was reading this. Recently i've had to make some major lifestyle adjustments, mainly eating healthier and trying to lose some serious weight. I have my designated "splurge" days, but last week a co-worker brought my this huge italian sub and I ate it even though I knew I shouldn't. I spent the next three days trying to work off a bad call I made in a split second. I felt so horrible about slipping I don't even think shoes would have helped. It really woke me up to how much more careful I have to be now. I am going to tape a note to my fridge reminding me to ask myself,"how will I feel after." Such a great blog!

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