Flying pig’s butt

Does anyone else ever notice how much easier life suddenly gets when you just don’t give a flying pig’s butt? (I’m trying not to swear on here. I hear employers actually look at personal blogs, yikes!)

I was having a day today where my Three was screaming at me. This is a reference to my Ennegram type, which is (in a nutshell) a much better way to classify personalities than your astrological symbol. Find out what type you are here. Download the free test and take it. I’m an Achiever, which means, shocker, I like to achieve things. I’m also wickedly competitive but can be a great role model when I’m at my best and being my most authentic self. What I love is when my Three gets scream-y but my body is exhausted and the result is a sort of “I don’t give a flying pig’s butt” kind of day where I commit to letting the mistakes happen because I just can’t be bothered.

And then, magically, everything goes a million times better than when I am trying to be hyper focused and do everything perfectly.

Does anyone else experience this?

If there is anything I have learned in my super packed life it is that being mellow about life really is the best way to go. My best girlfriend has this sort of attitude about things and I marvel at how many people flock to her because they just love how nothing fazes her and how she invites everyone in by just going with the flow.

I have aspired to be more go-with-the-flow-y lately and I’m finding that it’s working pretty well. And I take a page out of best GF’s book and try and be mellow on the outside, even if on this inside my Three is screaming. I find that by acting mellow, it automatically calms everything down.

Might also be the beer and a half I had this evening after work. But I’d like to think I’m making a major lifestyle change here.

Ok, so how does this relate to finances, since I love personal finance as well.

There is a common belief that you should write a budget and stick to it. Make sure you are staying within appropriate limits for your various expenses and when you go over you stop spending. I think it is a totally reasonable theory. I have a budget. and I are best friends and I check it at least twice a day to see how my accounts are doing and how my investments panned out at the end of the stock day. But I recently started to loosen my budget a little. Instead of panicking at the start of this month about whether or not I would go over my alloted “Restaurant” budget (again), I instead applied the 2x rule. Basically it is exactly as it sounds. When I make a decision about a purchase I decide if I would still pay for it if it was 2x what the listed price is.

So, for example. My daily white mocha americano at Buckos de Estrellas (or Starbucks) went from $3.09 to $6.18. Would I pay $6.18 for it? Hell, no. I can make my own white mocha americano in the morning for a fraction of the price. I also realized what I really liked about the WM americano was the fact that I would be drinking it at work. It feels like I make my morning and ease into my day a little more when I can have coffee at work.

Another example: Dinner out with friends, beer was $4, would I pay $8 for it? Hell, yes. But this is not just because it was a rockin’ German beer that is only on tap when the stars align, but also because in that potentially $8 I was also paying the premium for spending time with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and relaxing at the end of a long work week.

A final and more practical example: would you pay $12 for 2 lb of organic strawberries? Double it. How about now? The answer is all in what you value. Organic food particularly important to you? Are you unable to pass a summer day without strawberries? Or are you kind of luke warm to them and was really looking for something to top your morning yogurt with? How about those bananas for &0.79 per pound?

Ok, so feedback time. How do you think you’d do if you didn’t have a budget and just followed the 2x rule? And how does your life feel different when you are having a low expectation kind of day?

Thanks to comments and verbal feedback so far!

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