A note about my co-worker

I love my co-worker Rachel. Her and I met a scant 6 months ago during the production of Saving Aimee at the 5th Ave. We sort of clicked instantly and have been friends since. She’s one of the few people who can make me laugh to the point where I’m doubled over and crying. She listens to me complain about everything and only offers advice when it’s asked for.

Right now I’m sharing the Stage Management Office with her during a preview and we spent a few mindless minutes watching Super Bowl commercials, talking about our show and planning her visit with one of her high school best friends.

I write all this as a reminder that theatre is theatre. We are not doing brain surgery and I am blown away by how seriously some people take this business. Yes, what we do is dangerous, no doubt. Big, heavy pieces of scenery, thousands upon thousands of watts of electricity and pieces flying overhead that almost weight a full ton make for a dangerous work environment.

But, jeez, we watch people play dress up for a living. We are lucky and having co-workers like Rachel remind me of how lucky I am that in this world that is slowly tightening a vise grip on the arts and tensions run high, that there can still be PLAY in a play.

Thanks, Rachel!

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