A Declaration of Freedom

I hereby declare that I will free myself from my addiction to sugar!

I was reading a blog posting about a woman who was entirely sugar-free. I have to admit that I was very impressed. I tried to think back on my day and remember all the sugar I had had and stopped when I realize I start my day with coffee with half and half and…sugar. Not a lot, but it’s there. And while I’m pretty good at eating mostly healthy foods like lean protein, fruits, veggies and low-fat dairy, I often spend at least 10 of my 34 Weight Watchers points on sweets.

Not a lot of my Seattle friends know this, but I was once 40 pounds heavier. I went away to London to study, came back 15 pounds lighter and then promptly gained that 15 pounds back in the first month I was back at school. I joined Weight Watchers and the weight simply started falling off. A year later I was 40 pounds lighter and have managed to maintain that weight since then.

Me then:

Me now:

(I know this is an awful picture for this, but play along, please)

However, I still fight with a lot of food demons. While on WW at school I cannot honestly remember how I ate during the day, but my best friend and I would usually make Saturday a day of eating whatever we wanted. We lovingly called it Bingefest Saturday. It always started right after my WW weigh-in and ended that evening. I don’t know if my eating habits were squeaky clean during the week. I distinctly remember during a production of Philadelphia Story I worked on eating small bags of Easter M&Ms during the show. But other than that, did I eat a lot of sugar? No clue.

Now I eat sugar all the time. When Andy and I started dating we would eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s or other high fat ice cream together. And while my weight has still maintained, I don’t feel my healthiest.

So this week I start my path towards freedom!!!!

This week I am going to start with a sugar cleanse and not eat sugar for the next week. I know that part of the problem is once I start I can’t stop. And who knows? Maybe this will help? Or maybe I’ll binge come next Sunday, but at least right now I know I DO NOT WANT TO EAT ANY SUGAR!!!!

Lots of exclamation points, sorry about that.

So, if you see me about to put a cookie in my mouth, slap it out of my hand. Fer realz.


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One Response to A Declaration of Freedom

  1. Julie Bucior says:

    That is such an amazing goal. Stefanie tried it a few months ago, for the mostly same reason, and she couldn't believe how much cleaner and healthier her body felt. She did go back to eating sugar after the fast ended, but every so often she makes herself cut it out of her diet for a week to keep her impulses in check. I am so proud of you!

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