Sugarless Day #1

Let me be clear about this no-sugar thing. I am not pulling one of those weeks where I cut out sugar in the form of fruit or natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. My mission is against processed sugar and foods that contain it.

So here’s how to day went.

Started with a banana to gear up for a run with my best friend. The run sucked, we were both just not having it, but we made it last thirty minutes. I was obviously sleep deprived and the late night tater tots from Sunday were not happy with me. But we banged it out and went on to the Bux for our post-run coffee.

My drug of choice at the Bux is normally a decaf white mocha americano with a splash of half and half. They use about an ounce of the white chocolate syrup, but that is obviously so sugar-y that I had to cut it out. I got a regular americano instead and was v. happy with it. I has also packed some yogurt and fruit with walnuts as a post-run snack and ate it with some honey I asked for from the baristas. Yum yum!

The rest of the day was full of grocery shopping, hanging with the boyfriend and a few weird meals. If it were up to Andy he would live entirely on cereal and bacon. And I don’t care what you people say, that is NOT a well rounded way of eating. We each ended up having eggs as a second breakfast and cereal as lunch (mine with blueberries and strawberries) before heading out to run some errands. I started to have a pretty awful stomachache. I heard that this could be a symptom of sugar withdrawal, but it felt more like the stomachaches I get when I’m stressed. I had no idea Clinique skin care products could put such fear in my heart since that’s what we were ultimately after on our excursion to the mall.

Stopped at QFC on the way home for the tasty salmon we had for dinner. I roasted it with garlic and olive oil because who doesn’t love more Omega-3s with their Omega-3s? Am I right?

I also made some baked sweet potatoes and roasted some veggies for me and make quiche for some meals later in the week.

Then the post-dinner desire for dessert started. Normally when A and I are together we get frozen yogurt at any opportunity. And it has made a regular appearance in our Mondays for the last month. I thought about how I could work around the sugar thing with froyo, but after 3 1/2 fruitless minutes I gave up and realized what I wanted was more of a feeling of a date with the boyfriend. This newfound free time together is something we’re still getting used to and we normally made a big deal out of evenings we had together. Now that we can actually rely on it, I realized our date could include an episode of Glee, 2 episodes of Smash and a smoothie and still be sufficient.

I did breakdown and have 2 bites of his Double Fudge Brownie ice cream. But he almost didn’t give it to me! He’s such a good boyfriend.


So that’s it! Day 1 ended up with 2 bites of Double Fudge Brownie ice cream as the lone transgression. I knew that being at home would be easier so we’ll see how today goes down at work where baked goods run a-plenty along with the best kind of stress!

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2 Responses to Sugarless Day #1

  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI, Menchies, Yogurtland and Zoe yogurt (at greenlake!) all have sugar free yogurt. -Mal

  2. Verhanika says:

    Thanks, Mal! I was talking to Andy about this and thought that even though it is sugar-free, there's something about frozen yogurt during a sugar-free week that feels a little weird. I'll check them out on my next froyo date Monday.Maybe we should hit up Zoe after a run one day…and undo all the running calories we just burned.

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