Sugarless Day #2

Did you check out yesterday’s post? Well, you should! I promise you will find it useful.

So, yesterday was Sugarless Day #2 and it went just swimmingly.

Day started with eggs and oats. I was totally full after the eggs, but realized that if I didn’t eat the oats I would be starving in a few hours. So I ate the outs, felt the bloat and then was perfectly satisfied for a good long time.

Yesterday we had a put-in rehearsal that ended super early. I had excellent intentions of going to the gym to get some strength training in and wound up having one of the kiddies pick up late. All the SMs ended up going out to dinner to Il Fornaio, aka The Home of Italian Crack Pasta. Jessica ordered the Crack Pasta, which is pasta with this crazy meat sauce that if you start you can’t stop and then you need a nap. Jess had way more willpower than I would have and managed to eat half. Smart girl.

So then I had this fab realization. Erin and I ended up splitting a veggie pizza and I realized that part of the lack of sugar allows me to realize when I actually need food and how much I need. It sounds simple, but when my blood sugar is going haywire I often eat everything in sight and then regret it later. But with this, the half a personal pizza was reasonable along with a salad. I felt great.

We came back to the theatre and were faced with this:

Well not this one exactly, but one of the actors made King Cake. Which we learned about mere moments after Erin declared, “I’m gonna do a sugar free week too, V! Starting now!”

I learned that King Cake is the only cake Erin eats. Poor girl. She was strong, as was I, and we didn’t touch the damn thing. Just looked at it longingly and made sweet love to it in our heads.

I did manage to eat my weight in cheese last night. Well, not quite my weight, but I did eat a lot and it was all delicious. But instead of going over my points with the cheese, I was perfectly within them and didn’t need a snack when I got home later.

All that is boring, I know. No struggle. I’m waiting for the crankiness or something to hit me. Maybe I wasn’t addicted to sugar after all?

Also, Julie Bucior, you suck for posting this today. And also, I hope it was delicious.

More about today tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Sugarless Day #2

  1. Julie says:

    I know! I was just so excited. It could have been way worse though, I am sitting on my recipe for Nutella Brownies until after your fast is over.

  2. Verhanika says:

    I cannot wait for the nutella brownies. I will make 2 batches: One for me and one for everyone else.

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