Sugarless Day #3

Sugarless Day #3 had one minor transgression at the end of the night along with a few more epiphanies.

Day started out like the others: eggs and oats. I was SO FULL! But it lasted a good long time, through a meeting until the first break of the day.

I ate a lot of turkey jerky. I love me some turkey jerky, a banana and some peanut butter and a schmorange (or an orange as it is known more commonly).

Then Erin and I did the hardest workout DVD in the world. I am, of course, exaggerating, but it was hard. We stole into a back corner of the 5th Ave and did Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Workout.

E and I usually run when we have time in between shows, but yesterday I wanted us to do some strength training. And while Bob’s DVD is labelled as a Cardio DVD (which is absolutely is), the inability for me to take stairs today is testament to its ability to strengthen muscles, too. E did it sans weights and I did it with some 5-pounders I lugged to the theatre. Hard. Work. I burned 720 calories in an hour and woke up twice in the middle of the night with my butt on fire from the soreness. If you’ve seen my butt lately (I know you have, everyone checks it out), you know it’s pure muscle and the fact that it hurt is more proof of this DVD’s ability to make you a piece of lean muscle.

So after that, I was hungry. Like a lot. I ate some veggies I roasted and this fab pasta dish with whole wheat pasta, chicken and pesto I pureed with roasted bell peppers. I was stuffed until about an hour later. That’s the thing with good workouts, you are hungry almost immediately afterwards.

More turkey jerky and a schmorange.

The work day ended with cheese and crackers and nice walk to the Rep to meet le boyfriend.

And then I got home and was hungry AGAIN! Damn you, Bob!

I had a single serving of sugar-free pudding and felt much better. And that is what I count as my transgression. I know it’s sugar-free. I know. But like with the sugar-free froyo, it just felt weird to eat pudding in a week where I’m supposed to be sugar-free.

Also I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It uses artificial sugar and it just tasted chemical-y.

I ended up just 3 Points above my daily goal, but considering I earned 11 in the course of the Bob workout and the walk to the Rep, I’m feeling pretty good about that.

Too bad I still don’t weigh in every week. I imagine I would definitely be down this week.

And that’s it! Today has brought on some crankiness, but I think that’s less related to the sugar and more that Downton Abbey was queued on my laptop and my kitty was beggin’ for a snugglin’.

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