Sugarless Day #4 and Boy Bands

Yesterday was the day that I finally felt the stress that usually drives me to plow through a bag of truffles. And one was staring me in the face in the office all evening. One wouldn’t hurt, right?

Eggs and a smoothie for breakfast. I freaking love smoothies. Mine always has half a banana, a handful of spinach about a cup of frozen berries, a half scoop of vanilla protein powder and almond milk. You can’t taste the spinach so you just end up with this killer smoothie AND a serving of vegetables.

We had dos shows yesterday. Everyone was in fantastic moods. Myself included. I wanted just to snuggle with the kitty and watch all the Downton Abbey everyone’s been talking about.

Seriously, how can you refuse that cutie?

I had to say goodbye to him and go to work. I made the mistake of working out with a co-worker how many hours we are actually working each week and being reminded of that was what perpetuated the awful mood. Also I could barely walk from the Bob Harper workout the day before (PS Still having a hard time today).

More turkey jerky was had along with a schmorange and a banana with the last of the peanut butter at work.

Over dinner Erin and I ran to the Rep, where she dropped me off and continued on a long run. I hung out with the boyfriend and his co-workers for about 20 minutes before running back to work.

Dinner was a crustless veggie quiche and salad. I miss my mom’s quiche. It was so freaking good. And she made it look so easy. I always make it and end up with something close but not the same and I hate making the pastry dough. I hate anything that involves baking because I just find it to be so messy and time consuming. The rest of my life has to be so precise, I could not be less interested in applying that principle to my kitchen.

Then one of my kids showed up late, sans call. This is probably the dozenth to the infiniti time this has happened. So I realized I had to talk to his parents about not calling and about getting your kid to his show call on time. I hate having those kinds of conversations. Especially with grown-ups. Use some common sense and courtesy and let me know when you’re running late so I don’t have to worry about if they’re going to make it for their first entrance or not.

And I had to work on my Tax Planning exam. Which is hard. Like whoa. One of my kids said, “If it’s a take home test, why don’t you just google all the answers?” If it were that easy, I would. Trust me. But it isn’t because it’s all these tax scenarios that you can’t type into a google search bar. If that were the case, no one would need a financial planner.

Those truffles were starting to look mighty good.

Instead I popped some popcorn and drank a ton of water. Plowed through some more of the exam and let the feeling pass, or actually had to go on stage and leave the office.

The night ended with more cheese and crackers and apples. Yum.

I came home and had a wild hankering for chocolate still. Sweet boyfriend suggested chocolate milk so I made chocolate almond milk using sugar-free syrup. I don’t have a clear distinction for how this is different from not including Sweet N Low in my coffee every morning, so I’ll count this as a slip-up in a 4 oz form.

Still doing pretty well I must say. I think more than the sugar, what I want from my dessert is the creamy texture. That is what I keep wanting is the feeling of froyo or ice cream or even yogurt. That is what I find comforting.

More than half way through!

On a side note, I’ve had 98 Degrees’ song “I Do” in my head all day. What were the names of the dudes in the band? Nick, Drew, Jeff and Gimpy? I honestly cannot remember the last guy’s name. And how embarrassing would it have been if the DJ at Nick Lachey’s second wedding played it? Doesn’t he know Nick wrote that song for Jessica???

Anywho, for your listening pleasure.

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