Sugarless Day #6

One thing I have noticed in this quest to go sugarless (refined sugarless) is that I do eat more carbs in general. I found myself snacking on crackers yesterday and wanting some fruit. I guess the body finds a way to make up for it after all.

Let’s start with breakfast. Cheesy eggs with pepperoni on toast with a side of Downton Abbey. I’m only on episode 2 of last season, but man it is cooking. And I am now proud to say the in the “Which Downton Abbey character are you?” quiz I took, I got Lady Edith. She’s the behind the scenes supergal at the newly formed Downton hospital. Maybe she gets whiny again. And sure hope she hooks up with that farmer. I got a thing for men who can lift heavy things.

I had a smoothie on the road along with some coffee. I packed some oatmeal I made with strawberries and blueberries with grape jelly mixed in. I topped it off with some trail mix and had that about halfway through Act 1. Erin and I were going on a longer run and I wanted to be properly fueled. After the show came down, I was still a little hungry and had a half a handful of the trail mix before our run.

I say it was a long run because for me it was a long run, but for ol’ Half Marathoner Erin, it was like a cake walk minus the cake. We ran 5 miles, part of which was uphill. For me it felt like all of it was uphill, but it was probably less than a mile total. My legs were still sore from Bob Harper and in the last mile or so I started to feel like I was running with legs full of lead. They got SO heavy and I had to keep powering through. I ended up burning 760 calories according to my trusty heart rate monitor, so it makes perfect sense that I wanted to inhale all the food in the immediate half mile radius.

Dinner was crustless quiche and a salad. Erin has offered to make a crust for me the next time I want quiche (which I lovingly pronouce kwich-ee, emphasis on the first syllable). The show started along with my snacking. Some turkey jerky and crackers and a few cups of hot chocolate. I was pretty full for the second act, but by the time I got home, I was hungry again so I ended the night with some raisin bran fiber one cereal with blueberries and almond milk.

Only 3 points over, though! I honestly don’t know if I am snacking more on carbs or if it’s the same and I’m just not eating as many sweets so I ended up in the black with my points.

On a side note, I finished my Income Tax Planning final yesterday and passed the class! Now I can figure out depreciation for equipment you’re using that was put into service pre-1989 or something. You’d use the MACRS depreciation method. I know. I am smart.

Today’s the last day! Andy said I can’t snort raw sugar tomorrow. I think that would be painful anyway, but I can’t deny that I am looking forward to my white mocha americano tomorrow morning.

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