New Class!

Today I start my Retirement Planning Class! I’ve already got a hefty number of tools in my arsenal for retirement planning but I can tell this class is going to make my retirement projections accurate to a disgusting degree.

This class already has me working with the Smith family who makes $100,000 a year (not to far off from most of my married clients) but they also own a ton of stock and a rental property. None of my clients own rental property…yet. But I bet one of you will soon just to give me a nice new tax challenge, right?

I am even more excited to delve into this because I think saving for retirement is so important for artists. We often work with our bodies until they fall apart on us and then, more often than not, we are stuck working into an old age while our bodies continue to fall apart because no one reminded us to save for our golden years.

I can’t wait to use these new tricks!

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