The Overnight Facelift

Welcome to the lovely new look! I spent 36 frustrating hours trying to figure out how to do something out of my expertise: launch a website.

The worst part is that even after all that I still have no intention of actually learning the skill of web development because, if I follow my own advice, I’ll just hire someone to do it for me!

You may have noticed the new domain name. Sexy, right? I think so. Now you can tell all your friends about me and won’t have to give them a whole mouthful, just Artistic Financial dot com. Easy peasy banana squeezy.

With this overnight facelift comes the dawn of yet another amazing thing:


I get a lot of questions on the street that I think would be super helpful to share with everyone, so I’ll post a few of those. But this is also you’re chance to ask questions (financial or otherwise) and have them answered. I’ll pick a few every Thursday to post publicly. You can submit your questions in the Q&A Thursday tab, which does not track your personal information or tell me who you are. So all questions will be submitted and posted anonymously.

Let me know how you like the new look and if you need anything to be more user-friendly. You can email me at

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