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I’ve spent that last few weeks reviewing some financial blogs sent to me by friends and clients. I found some that I truly like and others that I think can be just atrocious. One thing that they all had fairly consistently was this desire to show their readers how to save money through tricks like buying cheap food and only washing clothes when they’re dirty.

While I will give you the occasional tip on how to save money in this format, my purpose as a financial planner is not to give you tips to reduce how much you spend at the grocery store by encouraging you to by beans, but to help you identify how your whole financial life works and how by introducing beans into your meal rotation you can ultimately save for retirement.

I’ve been asked a lot lately exactly what it is I do as a financial planner. I like the analogy I found in an article that we are the primary care doctors for your finances. We take all of your symptoms and evaluate them to find the best course of care. We don’t just give you a prescription for the pain, we help you identify the pain and eliminate it. And then we follow up to make sure the pain is gone. Except substitute you for your finances.

And I just love doing this. I love taking all your concerns and questions and quirks in your lifestyle and making them something you are truly comfortable with. And I love praising you for it because everyone who comes to me wants the help. Those who come to me don’t mind having their financial underwear drawer gone through because they know they’re going to be able to find every pair in there at the end of the day. And those who don’t usually don’t come back.

Here is what that same article said about the price tag:

WHAT? That’s INSANE! I get that this is all they do, so they charge a lot. They’re like lawyers. But that makes this service so inaccessible to those who actually need it. I don’t even have $150 lying around, so how on earth is someone who genuinely needs this going to come up with that? This is why I charge $80 an hour. This is less than I pay my therapist and I feel about 20% of my job is number crunching and 80% is therapy.

Some clients it’s more like 98% therapy. And that’s fine. I love those clients as much as I love the ones who come in and only want 70% therapy. It has never been less than that.

So if you want someone who will take care of you and your life through your finances, then hire a financial planner (like me!) and get some extra therapy on the side.

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