Q&A Thursday for April 19th

Here it is! Q&A Thursday for April 19th!

Q1. Did you have your house cleaned this week? How did that go? Would you do it again?

A. Yes we did! It was awesome. It was so nice to come home to such a spotless house. It ended up costing us $200, at $35/hour for 4 1/2 hours plus tip. But it was worth every penny to spend our Monday doing fun things instead of stressing about cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. And I definitely feel much less stressed now that everything is so spotless. It’s just like being back in my parents’ house when I was kid, which was spotlessly maintained owing to my dad’s OCD. Seriously, you could eat off our kitchen floors. And now you can eat off of mine and A’s kitchen floor. Which our cat does regularly.

Q2. What are some good ways to reduce grocery costs.

A. I am awful at this. Andy and I spend around $650 a month on groceries for two people, but it’s mostly because of the fresh fruits and veggies I eat and the exorbitant amount of milk he drinks. However, I find the months that are the lowest are because I plan ahead and actually eat everything I buy. If I don’t let produce spoil or let dried goods go unused for too long then I can actually keep it below $650, but if I over plan and overcook then I end up with a lot of uneaten food. Thus, bringing up the cost of groceries.

Q3. Do you use Groupons?

A. Yes, but very sparingly. I pretty much only get Groupons for stuff I already know I’d use like movie tickets and meals at restaurants we already eat at. I’ve only ever bought one Groupon for something I was taking a chance on, which was admission to the zoo, which I used this past Monday, a whole 2 weeks before it expired. That’s the trick with Groupons for new experiences is using them before they expire. I have one for a yoga studio in West Seattle that I have another year on, but I had planned to use it back in February when Oklahoma was running. Maybe in May when Pitmen Painters is open.

Q4. I didn’t have a fourth question submitted this week. And for that I am grateful because I am in tech.

Y’all can submit your Q&A Thursday questions here and have them answered promptly the next week! Obviously, I take all sorts of questions so submit away!

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