Want to Break a Bad Habit?

Of course you do. I’m gonna show you how to in one easy step.

Incentivize it.

This is the basic principle of all economics. We consume based on what gives us incentives and if something gives us a better incentive we are more likely to consume it.

Except this is not just a matter of incentivizing it for you. Oh, no. That’s too easy. And too easy for me to fall of the wagon.

See I want to go back to my mostly sugarless diet. And I want to cut grains as well since I’ve read a little too much research about how that will ultimately banish the python that has taken up residence around  my middle (aka my belly o’ doom).

Now my incentive is that for every week I go sans sugar and grains, then at the end of the week I get froyo. And you can keep your judgments, I’m allowed to reward myself with froyo just like you can pretend that rewarding yourself with a manicure really is better than a piece of chocolate cake.

But more importantly, your incentive is that if you catch me with sugar or grains during the week I have to give you a dollar. I don’t carry cash so this may prove to be difficult, or really helpful for me since it will keep me on my toes to avoid extra trips to the ATM, but that is my deal. You catch me with a chocolate chip cookie or a corn chip in my hand you get a dollar.

Also, if you catch me chewing my fingernails, you get a quarter. Sorry, they’re just not equivalent.

That’s my deal! You in? What habit do you want to break? Would you reverse-incentivize it?

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One Response to Want to Break a Bad Habit?

  1. Julie Bucior says:

    Love it, this is genius!

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