Tough Love

Brief, but important point today.

I had to give one of my favorite clients tough love last week. It’s part of that 80% therapy model I run around here. This client told me that their expenses were higher than their income and wanted my advice on how to change that.

I sort of lost it. I mean, my job is not to help you cut expenses, my job is to help you accept the truth of your financial situation and figure out how to live within it. I can tell you to clip coupons, drop your cable, go down to one car, but ultimately this advice does nothing if the main problem is that you are unrealistic about how you spend your money and expect a chunk of money to fall out of the sky every month.

This is not to discount an adjustment period after losing a job, going down to one income, adding a new mouth to feed. All of those major life changes come with a period of adjustment while you right you expenses with your income. But if your situation changed more than three months ago and you still haven’t found a way to align your budget, the problem is not your budget, the problem is you.

Accept your new reality and figure out how to work within it.

I can help you do that, but only if you’re willing to be honest with me and with yourself.

Fortunately, this client was and is now on their way to a happier future where money won’t fall from the sky and they no longer have to beat their head against the wall waiting for a cold front of income and a warm front of expenses collide to provide rain money.

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