Q&A Thursday for May 10th

Q&A Thursday for May 10th! Woo hoo!!!!

Q1. When should I buy a bathing suit for summer?

A. Last fall. The best time to buy bathing suits, or any seasonal clothing, is off season since it’s usually super deeply discounted. Like right now is a good time to buy winter stuff. I have my eye on a few sweaters. But since you’re looking for one now, I would recommend keeping an eye out on discount stores since they usually have seasonal sales every couple of weeks as new inventory needs to turn over. And if you want a nicer, fancier suit, look online for Internet sales, which are more likely to happen now.

Q2. What are some good but cheap gifts to get for Mother’s Day?

A. Since I have lived apart from my mom for the last eight Mother’s Days, I usually collaborate with my brother, who lives close to Mom, on gifts since then I don’t have to pay for shipping. We get her stuff like plants, cookbooks, choral CD sets, the usual stuff. So if you have a sibling, collaborate to bring down the overall cost. However, if it’s just you, your mom will love homemade stuff. You know it, I know it, she knows it. Make a card, burn her a CD, or send her one of your books to read and she’ll love the gesture. All that costs is shipping. And if you have the time, go on a walk or make her dinner or both!

If you have good but inexpensive Mother’s Day ideas post them below!

Q3. What is your favorite money blog?

A. I have 2: wisebread.com and the MintLife Blog at mint.com/blog.

Q4. I heard a rumor you’re going to grad school and not for finance.

A. That is not a question. And yes, that is true. More to come later.

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