Q&A Thursday for May 24th

Questions I got this week were awesome because almost all of them were travel related. Here we go!

Q1. I’m 50.  How do I plan for a future where I may be old, unable to work, on lots of medications, and running out of Medicare etc.  How can I possibly prepare for the future?
A. You plan and save. But it sounds like you need a little more help through it, so email me at verhanika@artisticfinancial.com and we’ll get started.

Q2. Is it better to buy travel sized toiletries or fill smaller bottles from bulk bottles?
A. The latter is technically cheaper, but I often think this comes down to convenience. I am going on a 2 1/2 week long trip and my full size stuff is just a tad too big. But, trying to fill the little sample size containers with the products will take me at least a half hour of my time since it involves using a syringe. So instead of doing that, I just found a travel size kit of everything I need. It cost me $27 and though it is more than what it would cost to just refill the sample sizes, my time is very valuable in the days leading up to my trip so I ultimately save money by doing this instead. And now I have great travel sized bottles that will last a little longer, too!
Q3. Is it cheaper to drive or fly?
A. In general, it’s cheaper to drive, but that proves not to be true once you get past a certain difference. Let’s talk about me again for a second. My trip is to visit my family in Florida. A round trip ticket from Seattle to Fr Lauderdale is just under $400 right now. If I drove it would cost me about 18 tanks of gas and at least 8 nights of hotels, plus the week I would lose drive to and from. So ultimately my round trip ticket is cheaper and stays cheaper almost no matter what. But flying to and from Portland would not be cheaper. 
Q4. What is the best website for car rentals?
A. According to Real Simple magazine it’s Travelocity. And having just booked a rental car with them, I find that to be true.
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