Free Friday 1st Edition!

I am so pleased to introduce a new regular post on my blog in the form of Free Friday. My friend Justus is an amazing writer and all around great gal. As a recent transplant from Canada, she found herself unemployed and in need of entertainment. She navigated through Seattle and has acquired a wealth of information to share with us in the form of Free Events going on in the city! She now works at Elliot Bay Book Company, but still finds time to check out free events for us.

She’ll be appearing every first Friday of the month with a list of things you can do or look forward to that are completely free! Check out her first post below.

Fun for Free? You bet!
Being an experienced member of the Unemployment League (admittedly not as fun as the Justice League but still notable) and a current Member of Good Standing with the Very Tight Budget Guild, I have come to love seeking out free and/ or low cost activities that help me get out of the house, maintain my sanity, and have fun. Sound like something you want to get in on? You’re in luck! Seattle is a haven of free and low cost activities, but let’s start with a brainstorming session to get you going.
Set Personal Goals
First, is there anything you’d like to do or learn in particular? This summer I’ve set myself a number of mini goals, from learning to whistle with two fingers (so far this results in a lot of drool) to learning how to take a compliment (there are etiquette books to help me here). If you have a few things you’d like to master, or even start, make a list of goals you’d like to accomplish: big, small, amusing. Having a list to reference when you’re bored will give you a bit of direction as to how you could spend a few moments of your down time. The best part of this is the automatic sense of accomplishment you get from completing your goals!
Tackle a Few Activities
Not really into setting goals and instead want to get out there and tackle a few activities? Here are a few places you to get you on your way:
The Near and Dear
I must begin with events dear to me, which directs us to our first stop: Elliott Bay Book Company at 1521 Tenth Avenue in Seattle. Each month–nearly every day–this book store hosts book reading and related events, most of which are free! Want to soak in a bit of brain candy and intellectual stimulation? To have a person read to you (or your kids!) for a while? To engage in a community-based event? This is the stop for you! My favourite reading in May featured Top Pot Donuts, Molly Moon Ice Cream, and Pike Place Market food readings…complete with free samples. For the current schedule, go to, or better still pop by the store and see what’s happening. This is a great spot to hang out and soak in the story rays.
Related to the topic of dear-to-me free stuff is Seattle’s LTD Gallery ( at 307 E. Pike Street. This small gallery is a very cool nerd and pop culture art gallery with exhibits that change every month or two. The current exhibition is “Geek Girl,” which will be featured until June 10. My favourite piece is called “First Crush”…maybe because I was Wonder Woman for Halloween this year.

In Pursuit of Art
For more art-related pursuits, head over to the Seattle Art Museum (, the Seattle Asian Art Museum (, or the Museum of Flight ( on the first Thursday of the month for free admission!
If that’s not enough art for you, I highly recommend participating in the Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk on the second Thursday of each month during the summer for a truly wonderful art experience. Not only will you visit various local venues (galleries, restaurants, shops) to view great art, often times you’ll have the chance to meet the artists, grab a free snack and drink, or contribute to a display with your own creation. Maps, experiences, and previews are updated at their website one week prior to the Art Walk ( The next walk is Thursday, June 14th.
Alright, there’s your first art fix. Now let’s get physical.

Getting Physical
With weather this great you may want to spend as much time as possible outside. If you don’t have a piece of sporting equipment of your own (a Frisbee, basketball, soccer ball, etc) you may want to join one of Seattle’s free sporting groups.
Take, for example, the Seattle Street Dodgeball group ( I happened to be walking to work when I came across this game for adults. Do you remember playing as a kid? Trust me, it just gets better with age. They play at Cal Anderson Park in the southwest tennis courts Wednesdays and Fridays, 8pm – 11pm in any weather.
The Great Outdoors
Not quite your kind of physical? For a quieter outdoor experience, why not try birdwatching? The Seattle Audubon Society for Birds and Nature offers free, two-hour neighbourhood birdwatching adventures. You can check them out here at their website (
I love hikingmyself, and I’ve found this site to be the best for tracking down suitable hikes:
Okay, one more outdoor activity. Have you been to the Center for Wooden Boats? (  If not, you may want to stop by on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a free public sailing! They also have events like Tugboat Storytime and Pond Boat Sailing at the Model Boat Pond (860 Terry Ave N) for those who don’t fancy going out on the water themselves. I love this event!
If All Else Fails
Now, if you didn’t find anything here to tickle your fancy, head over to The Stranger and browse through their list of events, including free events.
Let us know if you’re looking for a specific type of activity we didn’t list here, and I’ll do my best to track down a suitable match for you! If you discover something great in the area, let us know so we can share it with others. In the meantime, enjoy these activities to start, and I’ll see you next month!

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