Special Q&A Thursday for August 2nd

This Q&A Thursday will be devoted to the questions I’ve gotten in regard to seminar I’ll be teaching this month!

Q1. How did you decide to do a seminar?

A. Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) and I had a meeting a few months ago about how artists need extra financial help because of our unique income and expense situation. We decided to first have be teach a basics class in hopes that eventually we can start a program to help artists keep on track throughout the year about their finances.

Q2. When is the seminar? I heard there are two dates? Do I have to attend both?

A. There are two dates! The material will be the same, so only come to both if you want twice the help. The dates are Saturday, August 18th from 10a-noon and Monday, August 20th from 6:30p-8:30p. Both days I’ll bring some drinks and snackies.

Q3. What will you be teaching?

A. It’s about financial basics, but it’s geared specifically towards those of us who work multiple jobs in a year, have multiple income streams, have uneven income, have weird expenses, and how to deal with all that and still set goal and achieve them. We’ll also spend a bit of time identifying what you should be spending your money on. This is not a place where I will preach stuff you already know, you’ll learn new things and have new methods for how to employ them.

And though I work mostly with artists it is for anyone who is in a lower tax bracket or would consider themselves middle or working class.

Q4. How much?

A. $60 for non-TPS members, $40 for TPS members.

Email me at verhanika@artisticfinancial.com to reserve your space today!

Edited to add: The link is up for TPS to sign up for it! Go here to reserve your space!

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