Free Friday August Edition

I am so in love with Justus’s Free Fridays and continue to be impressed by the sheer number of things she finds every month. Her August edition is awesome and I think I’m going to take a look at the Daily Photo Scavenger Hunt she has listed at the bottom!

Fun for Free? You bet!
August always makes me remember summer will eventually come to a close and I ought to be doing outdoor activities while the good weather lasts! With that in mind, you’ll find a good many outdoorsy things to do this month!

The Near and Dear
Walk everywhere. Does this count as a fun and free activity? Absolutely. When the sun is out, even walking to the store for food becomes a brilliant event. Spend as much time as you can outside…just don’t forget the sunscreen!
Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park (319 2nd Avenue South) is a fun adventure not many people seem to know about! It’s fun, informative, and a great way to spend an afternoon!
In Pursuit of Art
For a different idea of art, check out the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection (33663 Weyerhaeuser Way South). This is a fantastic, diverse collection that’s well worth a trip out of the heart of downtown! It’s also very informative, and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to pick up this hobby!
Hello, Chihuly! Since moving to Seattle I’ve become better acquainted with Chihuly’s work, much of which is available for viewing around the city. For a complete list of Chihuly sights, check out this website and get ready for a great walk! 
If you’re feeling the need for a little brain food, the Museum of History and Industry is a great spot to learn new things. Seattle has an incredibly rich and diverse history, much of which is captured in this museum. For a day when clouds strike, or the sun just becomes too much, I recommend stopping by here for an entirely new experience.
Getting Physical
My favourite walks this month are all pretty close to home. To start, you can head over to the Ballard Locks and have fun touring the area (for extra fun, head over to Discovery Park after!)
With school just around the corner, another great walk I’ve come to love is the University of Washington campus. If you’re not quite sure what there is to see there, you should sign up for a campus tour
First Thursdays are great for a good many reasons, but among them is the Pioneer Square Gallery Walk Like a few of the other free art walks, this art walk features local artist and artisans displaying their many talents in (an often eclectic collection of) public settings. Another lovely way to spend a Thursday evening!
The Great Outdoors
If you own a camera, have a phone, or maybe just a pen and paper (to write descriptions), you may be interested in participating in a photo hunt. How does this work? You log onto this daily photo scavenger hunt website and complete the daily challenge. This is a great way to great outside and start to see things in a new way!
Though busy with tourists, this time of year is a great time to visit the Pike Place Market. Make a walk of it and head around the seaboard for a full experience of Seattle’s brilliant waterfront!
If All Else Fails
There are a ton of free events happening all over Seattle in August. Here are two of my favourite resources just in case you’re not able to find an activity to suit your needs:
1)     Free events at Town Hall:
2)     Free events at the Seattle Central Library: branches have events, too—go check them out!)
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