A Pinter Tech Guest Post

Hey y’all! I’m in the middle of Tech #2 for The Pinter Festival at ACT. In addition, we closed on the house last Monday and have been spending mornings moving and prepping the house before work. Since blog posts have been few and far between, make sure you keep on top of my quick finance tips via Facebook.

Also, August has been declared Purge for Your Financial Health Month. Every day for the rest of the month get rid of one thing in your house. This will help distill your belongings down to what you really want to keep and help you identify what it is you want to be spending your money on. Post your purgings on Facebook.

Now on to the Guest Post! This is a short but sweet post from my super bestie in the whole wide world, Mike. He’s an actor/dancer/singer/writer about town with many more talents including choreography and directing. He was one of my first guinea pigs for financial advice and receives regular lectures about his finances and how to feel on top of them. I think his commentary is totally appropriate for my message of identifying what you actually want to spend on and sticking to that plan. 

Let me know what you think! And I should be back to regularly posting next week.

The Importance of Following Advice

Following advice is hard. Following good advice is even harder. Because when we seek someone out for
advice, more often than not, we know what they’re going to say, we know what the right answer is, and
we know what we want to hear. And those three things are rarely the same.

Especially when it comes to money. The advice I always get is good. Budget. Stick to the budget. Don’t
spend money you need for bills on frivolous things. Really focus on paying off your enormous amount
of debt. These are things I’ve been advised to do. These are things I know I should do. Heck, these are
things I WANT to do.

And then someone from a show I’m working on invites me to dinner post show or rehearsal. Or a cute
boy says, let’s get a drink. And then? I’m putty. I’m weak. All the good advice goes out the window and
at least $20 goes down the drain when it didn’t have to. Now $20 doesn’t sound like a lot. But when it
happens four to five times a week? We’re pushing $100. And that is a lot. That’s an extra $100 into my
credit card. Or put away toward next month’s rent.

My advice? Think about the person who’s opinion matters the most to you. Make sure it’s someone
who would disapprove of going out all the time because you could spend that money on other things.
Now, the next time someone invites you out, ask that person what you should do. They don’t even have
to be there. But you know what they’d say. Maybe it’ll help.

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