26: Divisible by 1, 2, 13, and 26.

It’s my 26th birthday today! The above is a ritual my mom and I have where we take our new age and find all the numbers it is divisible by. 25 was good since it was a perfect square, but 26 is also cool because one of its divisors is 13, a notoriously lucky/unlucky number depending upon who you ask.

I’m spending part of today at the Spa, chilling and then having dinner with Andy. Normally, I like bigger celebrations, my birthday was always a big deal growing up, but after the last few weeks of madness, I just want some time to chill, be by myself and share a lovely meal with my super mega bestie.

So once upon a time I wrote a blog post about 10 things I wanted to do before I turned 26. Oh, boy. These things are helpful and it was great to look back at the list and see what was still important and what could fall by the wayside.

Let’s see the original list:

1. Organize my studio
2. Finish the painting I started for my mom’s 60th  birthday
3. Teach a basic personal finance class
4. Make homemade froyo once a month
5. Read 4 personal finance books
6. Run another 5K
7. Create a quarterly newsletter for Artistic Financial Planning
8. Plan a vacation outside of Washington
9. Go through my closet
10. Meditate for a minute a day
How’d I do?
1. I moved, it was organized and then I moved. It’s in the process of being organized again.
2. Um, no. Which stinks because I want to give this painting to my mom so badly. I’ll have more time soon and can carve out a few hours to finish it. I estimate I need another 30 hours to finish it so I could conceivably do it by next year. In time for her 63rd. 
3. Yeah, I started this, but found that TPS was not exactly the partner I had envisioned. But do not fear! I will be teaching ta class in the beginning of 2013 to help everyone get geared up for good finances in 2013 and to get ready for tax season. It will be epic.
4. Why on earth would I do this when I have such great froyo so close? Though in truth, I love it when I make it myself. I just have to figure out how to replicate cake batter froyo at home since that is my run away favorite.
5. Done if you count my textbooks. Though I want to read more. I get constant recommendations, but the Game of Thrones series is usually more enticing and my library waiting list always seems to spit out some new release that I only have for a minute and a half right when I’m about to start a new personal finance book. Get over it, V. You gots to read more for your peeps.
6. Done. Pretty much every week I ran at least 5K. I was not going to spend $40 to run with other people just to get a T-shirt. I’m currently doing a half-marathon training plan, though this is more for a good schedule rather than preparation to run an actual half-marathon.
7. Done. It’s monthly. I love it.
8. We went to Disney World in June!
9. Done, times 100. Moving will do that for you.
10. Ish. I get it in at least once a week, but I would like to work up to more. The website Calm.com has a great guided practice. 
So here I am turning 26. I feel like I have lived 12 lifetimes some days. Other days it feels like I’ve barely lived one. 
But I’d like to make another x before y list, in this case, I’ll do 26 before 27.
1. Continue to foster open and honest communication with Andy
2. Maintain my finances honestly through keeping goals and ideals in mind
3. Create a system for tracking all parts of my life (work, school, AFP, health) without having to have 14 notebooks and feeling like my head is going to fall off.
4. Create a map for my ideal garden.
5. Talk to my siblings at least bi-weekly.
6. Re-organize studio.
7. Only buy clothes that support my personal style and are going to last.
8. Meditate most days of the week
9. Maintain my health first through regular exercise, good eating and good sleep.
10. Take care of mental health with the same diligence I take care of my physical health.
11. Rock a short hair cut.
12. Have a mellow vacation with Andy.
13. Have an adventurous vacation with Andy.
14. Try and new sport.
15. Work on my need for control and organization.
16. Figure out how to split finances with Andy in the next year. (We already have a system, now we need to modify it for when I’m in grad school and potentially not working.)
17. Appreciate personal grooming. (Manicures, pedicures, make-up beyond mascara and eyeliner, etc)
18. Get one new client a month.
19. Up blog readership by 50%.
20. Go trail running.
21. Fearlessly take a yoga class without comparing myself to everyone else around me.
22. Make homemade cake batter froyo.
23. Walk in heels with regularity.
24. Journal when I need to. 
25. Practice body acceptance.
26. Let go of what I don’t need to hold on to.
A lot of things that can’t be easily checked off a list. I think this list could mostly be summed up into “Love yourself and be truthful.” 
I lesson we can apply to finances as easily as life. 
I’ll keep ya update on my progress! Here’s to a year of continued growth!
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