Free Friday September Edition!

Here’s our Free Friday for September! Justus is anxiously awaiting the coming of October–it’s her favorite month. But here’s some great stuff to take us from summer to fall.

Fun for Free? You bet!
I’m not exactly happy September has come around so quickly and is insistent on ushering Summer off-stage…but I’m still planning on making the most out of the month! The weather’s still good enough to spend time outside, so let’s start there with a few suggestions:
Join a meetup group. There are so many groups that meet in Seattle (just check out if you don’t believe me), and this is a fantastic way to get outside and start doing things, meeting people, and getting yourself into the world. My personal favourite right now is The FuniganGroup.
Spend time watching the leaves turn at a park (okay, so they won’t change before your eyes, but taking time to study all the colours and see the leaves fall is a little piece—and peace—of heaven). Right now my favourite park for this is Freeway Park (it’s small, but interesting to incorporate into a walk). 
With the World Changing
I always think of what we lose when autumn arrives. My mind turns (of course) to flowers and plants, so with that in mind here are two last-minute –get-your-flower-fix suggestions:
Head over to Volunteer Park and the Conservatory where you’ll find a stunning assortment of plants from all over the world.  
On a similar note, you may want to check out the Universityof Washington’s Botanical Gardens/ Arboretum, a trip well worth making!
I Wanna Get Physical. Physical!
For those of you with a bit of energy and organizational skills, I have killer suggestions for your physical satisfaction. The best idea for physical adventures this month requires you grab some rope, a few hollow cylinders (even empty paper towel rolls will work), get a group together, and play Human Foosball. Human what-now? What is this? Could it possibly be what I’m thinking. Oh, yes. You know in your heart what this is, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Have a look at (a more complicated version of) it here.  Get the rules here
Can’t Quite Muster the Energy?
We’ll have a glance indoors now to two places you may sit, relax, and enjoy yourself in ways that will ease your mind even as it tickles your brain.
Have you been to the Seattle Symphony yet? If not, this is a good time to start looking into attending a few of the events they offer. The Seattle Symphony has free concerts every year!  This is a fantastic way to experience beautiful, transformative music. They also have pay-what-you-can Fridays for yet other chances to listen.
If the symphony isn’t quite your thing, I suggest heading over to the Sea Monster Lounge in Wallingford, which often offers live music with no cover. You can find a full calendar at the website and see what kind of music suits your mood. 
Back to School
Thanks to many years of schooling, September always makes me wonder how I can improve my mind and what I can learn next. Here are two ideas to get you started on your quest for knowledge!
Take field trip and learn about wild plants! The Washington Native Plant societies offer excursions both near and far. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the world around you in ways you may not have considered:
For even more intellectual pursuits, you should head over to the University of Washington and take part in a few of the free public lectures.  These generally take place during the school year (September through May). You can find out more at
If All Else Fails
Why not check out a few of the events through the Seattle government? You can find them listed here
Better still, ask a stranger what they do for fun in this city when the sun goes away (and then let me know) and see what activities you can create on your own. You know, as fun as September is, I have to admit I’m awaiting October—my absolute favourite month—with baited breath. Til then!
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