My Cost of Being in a Wedding


Now that we’ve cleared that up…my brother, Nathaniel, or Fanel as I lovingly call him, is getting married next July. His fiancee has asked me to be a bridesmaid so I thought I’d show y’all where the money is going and we can chronicle together exactly how much it costs to be in a wedding.

I wrote a post for my friend Julie almost a year ago following her own wedding. I wrote about how to save money if you were asked to be in a wedding and now I get to follow my own advice.

Nate’s fiancee is buying us all adorable shoes to go with our awesome dresses. But the cost of the dress is on us and it’s $139 before alterations. I tried it on last week and it was fantastic and super cute, even though I had to try it on in a hideous shade of blue. His fiancee has chosen to have us all in black, which I think is awesome because this dress will definitely be worn again so we are getting our money’s worth in the $139.

Other than that I have no expenses cemented yet. Andy and I may turn this into an extended vacation so we may fly or drive across the country. Accommodations are paid for since we’ll be staying with my parents unless some awesome deal comes through for a beachfront place. Unlikely.

I know I still have alterations, accessories, the cost of travel and some small gift for my bro and his gal. I’m hoping to keep expenses below $700. Yikes.

More news as this develops. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to My Cost of Being in a Wedding

  1. I am about to be in 2 weddings in the next 6 months. One is requiring me to purchsae (without trying them on BTW) horrid dyable shoes that are to be dyed pink to match my $150 pink "never can be worn ever again" dress! There are a lot more little expenses people tend to forget about with respect to being IN a wedding. For example: hair and nails, makeup if done professionally, "foundation" garments, jewelry if brides wants something specific, bridal shower gift, contribution to the shower if asked by the other bridesmaids, bachelorette expeneses (if attending), costs of rehersal dinner if not paid for by hosts (don't be surprised this does happen!). It's truly insane the amount of $$ that goes into being IN a wedding!

  2. Stagemel says:

    I was just in a wedding over the summer. I did not keep very good track of the amount I spent, but it was at least $500 in clothing. Luckily, my hotel was taken care of, and I was able to buy my plane tickets early enough to keep them under $1000.

  3. Verhanika says:

    Ugh, asking anyone to buy shoes without trying them on is insane.

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