What I Spent Wednesday

There is a craze hitting health blogs right now called “What I Ate Wednesday”, which I find kind of ridiculous since most of these blog writers already cover what they eat in deep detail.

I get a lot of questions from clients about what’s a “normal” amount to be spending on such-and-such. And my answer is always the same: your expenses are as unique to you as is your fingerprint. You cannot compare how much you spend on groceries to your next door neighbor or even your best friend. Unless your life priorities are exactly the same, your expenses will vary.

Also, another note, I read several financial blogs where the writers outline how much they spent in a week. And while I find these posts fascinating due to their insight into human nature, I think most of them are tedious at best and a little self-serving. We humans love to give unnecessary detail of our lives to people who don’t really care. But at the same time there are people (like me) who love to read that stuff.

So, I present to you an experiment.

I’m going to do a What I Spent Wednesday when I feel like it and see if you like it.

And more importantly, I want to illustrate a point that we all spend different amounts on different things and want you to post to the blog or email me your Wednesday expenses. 

As always, submissions will be anonymous unless you say it’s ok to use your name. And I may take a while to post this as I collect submissions.

Please help me make a point and submit your Wednesday expenses so we can all see that we are different in our spending habits and that is ok!

So, here’s my first Wednesday. This is last Wednesday, September 19th.

$2.25 bus fare to work
$3.59 kombucha tea from Whole Foods
$4.26 green grapes from Whole Foods
$2.50 bus fare home

See? Not so painful. Offer explanation for you expenses if you like (were they typical? atypical? a treat? convenience?). For example, there is a Whole Foods 2 blocks from my work and green grapes were on sale, kombucha was not, but I wanted some refreshment after my run earlier in the day. Bus fare home was during peak hours, whereas to work was not.

So, what did you spend today?

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