What I Spent Wednesday

What I Spent Wednesday is a way of proving that all our finances are different. Every Wednesday I post submissions from people on what they spent so we easily see how different our priorities are and how we shouldn’t compare our spending to anyone by ourselves.

“Groceries- $124.37, Coffee at Starbucks- $4.33. I normally go grocery shopping every day but today I was hosting a dinner party so it was higher than I normally spend. Coffee is something I have every day. It’s my little treat.” –JS, 24, Chicago, IL

“Today I had to get my computer repaired and that cost $74. I also got some lunch while I was out at Chipotle for about $10 and then went out to get a drink with a friend for $15.” –Anon., 37, NYC

“Water bill- $83, Internet- $44, Cell phone- $75, Mortgage- $1879. It’s bill paying day and I’m only halfway through.”  –Anon, 56, Maryland

“Baby formula- $13, Diapers- $22 (2 new cloth diapers), Distilled water- $4 (for 4 gal).”  –Karrie, 29, Seattle

Keep ’em coming! Email verhanika@artisticfinancial.com.

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