Free Friday October Edition

Free Friday is a monthly feature by Justus Joseph with a bunch of free things you can do in the Seattle area. This month includes pumpkin patches, fall walks and choose your own adventure stories!

Fun for Free? You bet!
Oh-oh-oh-October! I’m absolutely tickled you’re here (even if it means my summer clothes have been put away and it’s back to sweaters and warmer wear). With so many possible venues and activities to explore, I hardly know where to begin! Perhaps with one of the smaller ones….
With the World Changing
Why not participate in a rummage sale? I’ve always considered budgeting to be a whole-life experience. You start to look at your finances and before you know it you’re looking at your life, from food to exercise to fun to material items! Have a few items around the house you no longer need? You could donate them to a good cause here. Have you been looking for items you need at a good deal? A rummage sale is a great place to get what you desire at less cost!
I Wanna Get Physical. Physical!
I really can’t express how much I adore the Washington Trails Association (WTA)! With the leaves starting to change now and the world becoming a little crisper, there’s nothing better than going on a hike that capitalizes on these two components. The WTA has a list of their favourite fall colour hikes here:

For a more organized walk, why not sign up for a free West Seattle Walk? This community-based walk focuses on the boundaries between our local natural and built environments. Educational, informative, and awesome!

Hello free salsa dance social! Salsa N Seattle, an exceptional dance studio at 1200 Stewart Street, offers a free open dance class on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 11pm.  This is a wonderful spot to go and pick up a few new dance moves while having fun! If you do decide you want lessons, this studio makes an effort to ensure you “reach your desired skill level within your budget and according to your schedule.” Pretty great!

Just in case you needed another reason to love your local library, this month the SPL is offering free bike repair classes! Seriously can’t get much better than that!
Can’t Quite Muster the Energy?
I’m so excited for Arts Crush this year! For those of you not familiar with Arts Crush, “ pulls back the curtain to reveal the work and community behind the scenes of our arts organizations and artists.” What does this mean for you? You have the opportunity to watch performances, attend events, view rehersals/ readings/ workshops, meet actors/ artists/ people in your community…and more and more! The best part? All Arts Crush events are free

Autumn is also a great time to pick up a few new blogs. Right now I’m most excited about the vote-button Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story over at If on a Winter’s Night a Cyborg. The first vote has already closed, and we (the collective group of readers participating in the story) are a woman!
Halloween Specials!
This area has a ton of pumpkin patches, farms, and corn mazes! Here are a few of the ones plan on visiting (and yes, I will visit more than one! I adore wandering pumpkin patches!):

Keep in mind, this is only a small sample of the many farm experiences you can have this month!
If heading to a farm isn’t your idea of fun, this is the perfect time to hit the history and phenomena sections of the library, do a bit of reading, and create your own ghost tour of a local haunt. Pioneer Square is a great starting place. Get a few of your friends in on the action for a more diverse (and fun) experience!

Alright, according to the research I’ve been doing, Capitol Hill is one of the best places to see great Halloween decorations. With the older mansions towards the north end, there are a few brilliant set-ups that start happening towards the end of October. Who’s up for a walk?! (Edited by V: Me! Me! Me!)

One final Halloween-related note: when it comes to trick-or-treating, you’ll want to head for Wallingford, Ballard, Queen Anne, Ravenna, or Roosevelt, as these neighbourhoods have been voted the best places to go for a few years in a row now! I haven’t had an experience here yet, but I’m excited for my first Seattle Halloween!!

If All Else Fails
Why not host a small event at your house? Rent a scary movie from the library (yay for free DVD rentals!) and invite a few friends over for a Witch’s Brew.
You could try to win free tickets to a few of the upcoming events this month via a Seattle Weekly promotion here:
Have fun this month, and I’ll see you again in November!! 🙂

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