It’s an Honorary Free Tuesday!

I never post on Tuesday so you know it had to be a great post if I needed to get it up earlier! Check it out below and let Justus or I know if you do anything free this month you’d like us to know about!

Fun for Free? You bet!
This month we get to say goodbye to the leaves, hello to the rain, and leap into all sorts of (possibly wet) adventures!
With the World Changing
Hey! Are you a citizen of the US? Guess what fun, free, and exciting thing you get to do this month? That’s right! You get to vote!! Go and vote. Now. Stop reading. Go vote. Come back later. Go vote now. Thanks.
Voter’s Bonus: Take a picture of yourself voting (yeah, it’s that cool and awesome you’ll want a photo to remember it!). If you show the awesome people at Cupcake Royale your voting picture tagged with #voteforcupcakes…you get a free Babyscoop/ Babycake cupcake! Vote + picture + hashtag = FREE CUPCAKE. Go do this. Now. Enjoy that cupcake for me!!
I Wanna Stay Inside!
Alright, puddle-jumpers, I know it’s not the nicest out, but there are still a few things worth doing outdoors! Let’s talk about a few physical activities you can do while the sky is dark with rain and the wind’s crisp and chill. My rainproof activity is hiking (and by rainproof I mean you’ll get wet, but wear the right gear and you’ll do brilliantly). Always hiking. Don’t let the rain keep you away from the beautiful trails. Just be safe and go with a buddy!
If you don’t want to bound up a mountain, I have an option for staying closer to sea-level. You know what feels awesome? Cheering on people when they’re reaching for a goal they’ve worked to accomplish. Seeing it and supporting it. Not only are you giving them a boost (one they may need to see themselves through), you’re also giving back to your community. Seriously. This month on the 25th you have a chance to grab a group of your friends, pick a spot along the marathon route, and cheer on the marathon runners who have been training for this for a long time. Call the runners by the names you see on their bibs for a more personal note of encouragement. I know this may sound silly, but you’ll feel awesome, and so will they! It’s a fantastic way to spend your day!
This month you have the opportunity to attend the Northwest Film Forum’s quarterly “In Conversation” chat with local filmmakers who are to discuss the process of filmmaking.   It’s a great chance to make new connections with your community while finding out about filmmaking and new projects being created!
I’ve Got Ambition
Welcome to November, which for those of us who write is better known as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Feeling ambitious this month? Have a bit of extra creative juice sloshing about in your brain? NaNoWriMo is the perfect way to spend the entire month in pursuit of creative perfection…and ending up with at least 50,000 words of written material. Yep, 50,0000 words in a month. Want in? It’s time to start writing. You can join up with the NaNoWriMo crew and track your word count at www.­nanowrimo.­org
Have you ever tried your hand at onigiri? You know, those awesome Japanese rice balls? This Sunday, November 4th you have the chance to compete against others in a quest to create “the most original, humorous and coolest looking onigiri.” How great is that?! Even if you don’t want to make an attempt of your own, check it out to see what others are doing.
A Piece of the Arts
Okay, I know it’s not Seattle, but this is such a great event! Tacoma (yeah, a little out of the way) is celebrating, well, Art! Not only is it a celebration, but it’s a celebration that happens every single day in November.  With tons of free events among the choicey selections being offered, you’re sure to find a match!
For those not quite looking to go to Tacoma, why not go to the Frye Art Museum? Museum entry is always free, and the exhibits rotate through pretty frequently so you’re certain to find something new and interesting to ponder.
If All Else Fails
Make good use of your library card this month and dig into a television series or host a fun movie night (host a potluck with friends, start a tradition with your family).
Whatever you decide, don’t let the rain get you down! There’s so much to do and so much to see even if it’s wet outside.

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