Free Friday December Edition

It’s our last Free Friday for 2013! I hope you all have enjoyed them! Justus will return in 2013 with more. I can’t wait to see what she has for the rest of Winter. 
December always seems like a rush: a blur that starts with panicked shoppers debating items over the constant thrum of holiday music and ends with a glitzy or pajama countdown towards a New Year. Throw in a few latkes and a solstice festival or two and your head (like mine) is sure to be spinning.

With that in mind, this Month’s suggestions are low-key and not too time-consuming–just easy and fun free activities.

First, did you know REI offers free courses on all sorts of outdoor (and sometimes indoor) activities? I had not clue! Now that I do, though, I’ve gotten all sorts of use out of it! Check it out and see what you can learn for free!

Short notice, but consider making your way to Vashon Island this Saturday or Sunday to enjoy their annual Holiday Art Studio Tour. It’s an amazing event where you’ll have a unique opportunity to peek inside a number of local art studios. You’ll find more information at

If you miss the Vashon Island Art Studio Tour, consider going to an event at the Seattle Centre Winter Festival. There are a number of activities you could do, all of which are listed at

The Seward Park Environmental & Audubon Center is hosting Winter Wonderland Family Saturday Parties (Saturdays, December 8, 15, and 22). These parties are free and awesome. Just have a look at

I’ve mentioned the Elliott Bay Book Company before, but I have to mention them again because they are hosting a phenomenal holiday readings put on by ReAct Theatre every Saturday thru December 22nd.

Alright, after all that, you may want to Take a moment to relax. Make your way down to Greenwood, Ravenna, or Queen Anne. In these three neighborhoods you’ll find some if the most incredible light displays.

Speaking of incredible light displays, the Solstice Candlelight Walk in Snohomish on the 21st promises to be spectactular! Actually, they have quiet a few fun and free events for you to enjoy. I’ll be at the Solstice walk. Think about coming out!

Maybe a Solstice celebration isn’t quite your speed. If that’s the case, I suggest you host your very own End of the World party. Oh, did you forget about that whole Mayan calendar, December 21st thing? I admit, it does tend to fade into the background given all the other pressing end of the year concerns. Make good use of your library card and request a few oh-no-the-world-is-ending type if thrillers. (And sign up for my 2013 Resolution Workshop!)

Whatever you do this month, be safe, have fun, catch the New Years fireworks at the Space Needle, and think up some adventurous resolutions (then make an appointment together your budget I the same page!). Until 2013… xo

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