Friday Link Love

My good friend Julie over at Vylette does a round-up every Friday of her favorite links during the week. It is no secret that here at AFP we’ve had some time issues and as a result not a lot has been said about personal finances in the last month or so.

So, to keep the juices flowing and to remind you of your own personal responsibility to your finances, I thought I’d give you some alternate perspectives from other personal finances bloggers.

Also, Andy’s brother-in-law, a writer, suggests this technique and he’s kind of smart so I’m going to listen to him.

Here we go!

As a small business owner I would love to start offering services like allowing people to pay with a credit card before they leave my office. Who doesn’t love to get paid ASAP? This little device might be the future for that.

Unrelated to personal finance but a great article nonetheless about how to be both peaceful and looking for higher goals. I am constantly looking for the next great challenge and had no idea I could do this without being constantly stressed. This article has great steps for how to avoid that.

The blog MintLife took a poll and found the top 10 money mistakes. The most often committed money mistake didn’t surprise me. Does it surprise you?

And finally, one of my favorite bloggers, though I don’t necessarily support the super-frugal lifestyle he writes about, recaps a classic book Your Money or Your Life. What I find most helpful is the list of 9 steps from the book he outlines. The article is a bit long so just jump to the steps to get the gist.

Finally, if you’re not in the reading mood listen to this great podcast from Planet Money about how the dollar bill was born. It’s fascinating and at only 11 minutes it’s a perfect accompaniment to a short walk around the block to escape the family.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy weekend and Christmas!

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