The After-Christmas Financial Slap in the Face

How’s everyone doing post-Christmas? Are you looking at your credit card or checking account and feel smug knowing you didn’t spend one cent over what you budgeted?

Or are you like most of us and going “Holy &$^*@#*$^#$^&$@*#!!!!! I spent how much????”

Shoot, even I feel that way. Our grand present total came to *gulp* just over $900. What happens when we have kids? We’re going to explode is what.

So here is where I plug my most awesome workshop. I’m going to take your exploded finances and make them manageable. And not just for the next few weeks, for all of 2013. I promise. If you don’t feel like that when you leave my workshop you will get your money back. Promise.

And here’s your chance if you’ve always wanted to get some financial planning but didn’t want to spend the money (ha!). The workshop is only $70 per person. And if you bring a friend it’s only $60 per person. My  normal hourly rate is $85 so you get me for 2 hours at $35 an hour or a 60% discount.

Come on. It’s like the best deal I’m ever going to give you.

It’s at ACT Theatre on Monday, January 7th from 6:30p-8:30p. We’ll make finances manageable and easy to understand and you’ll walk away knowing I have your back throughout the whole year.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that? After the workshop you get access to me for any financial questions for the whole year for free.

So just sign up already. You know you want to. You know your wallet and bank account want you to. You know your best friend or dog or fish who are sick of hearing you whine and cry every time you look at your bank account want you to.

Do it.

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