Friday Link Love

How are we all recovering from Christmas? Are you thoroughly exhausted? I know I am. Are your finances exhausted? Mine are.

So today we take a bit of a beach vacation and cruise through some links from this week.

We’ve all heard that money does not equal happiness. But there were many studies proving that that was true if you made up to a certain amount. Anything above that amount didn’t necessarily improve your happiness. That amount was $75,000. And to an artist like me that number seems ridiculously unattainable. Well, how about this. Now it seems that internationally that number has gone up to $161,000. Yikes! In my house we are perfectly happy with our combined household income that is far below that.

Now this idea is a little convoluted, but I do love the idea of incentivizing other behavior to contribute towards a more expensive hobby you have. I think I would contribute $10 a week to my coffee fund if I worked out 5 days a week. Oh, that’s not a hobby.

Have you ever looked for a job and been told to just go “pound the pavement”? Turns out that may be the worst advice you’ve been given for job hunting. Check out this instead.

And finally, the power of proclaiming your frugality. Have you ever noticed how much more free you feel if you just come out and say “I can’t afford that right now.” Magically, most of your friends don’t hate you and you go for a walk instead of out to lunch. Though in Seattle at this time of year walks are harder and harder to come by.

Anyone got any other great links from the week?

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