Comprehensive Packages

Starter Packages are best for those new to financial planning and looking to establish a long-term relationship with their financial planner. By using these packages you get a more comprehensive look at your finances and the knowledge that you’ll have someone else thinking about your finances and acting as a safety net. These provide more security and continuity than one-time sessions that deal with more specific issues.


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**Payment plans are available**


Pre-career package: $105

This package is great for college students or even high school students. This is a great way to get your financial life started out on the right path.


In this package you can get: An initial consultation, which includes a personalized budget, income and expense analysis and goal map.


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Early career package: $185

This package is best suited for those just starting a new career. What better time to get financial advice when you have so many possibilities ahead of you?


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Mid-career packagee: $265

This package is best for those midway through their careers. You may have changed jobs a few times; you may have started a family with children or are well established in a relationship. You may have more permanent assets like a house, or a car.


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Late career package: $345

This package is designed for those who are closer to retirement and looking to move away from a full time job. You may have grandchildren you’d like to provide for or older children who are more established.


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Small Business package: $300

This package is best for individuals who are starting or currently run small businesses. Independent contractors would also benefit from a small business package since it would look exclusively at how you as a brand and business are managed financially, which is separate from how you manage your finances personally.


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Newlywed Package: $265

This package caters specifically to those who have just entered into marriage, though it can be tailored to couples that are looking to figure out how to combine their finances or work out budgeting and saving.


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